Main road into the park, from Old Bethlehem Road

The park is focused around Lake Towhee.
The lake is good for ice skating in winter, except when it's covered with snow. There is usally a report of the ice conditions on the bulletinboard at the parking lot. 
The lake is formed from the dam on Kimples Creek.
Fisherman Chris Hood and daughter Breanna spend some quality time together.
Or you may prefer to fish alone.
The picnic pavilion is surrounded by large shade trees.
Road leading to parking area.
This road leads into the camping area off Roudenbush Road.
The campsite area is heavily wooded, and the sites are spread apart, so each campsite has a fair degree of privacy.
If you want to escape the crowds at some of the other parks, come to Lake Towhee County Park and find your own place in the shade.
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Tucked away in the hills of Haycock Township,  just north of Lake Nockamixon State Park, Lake Towhee County Park is a little further off the beaten track than some of the other parks. Because of this, the park may offer a little more serenity than the bigger parks close by.