Tohickon Valley County Park is located along Tohickon Creek in Tinicum Township. From the River Road in Point Pleasant, take Cafferty Road to the park. Although the park does have picnicing, hiking, camping, rental cabins and a swimming pool, the main attraction is the Tohickon Creek.
Just down stream from Ralph Stover State Park, Tohickon Creek tumbles its way, over and around, many large boulders, forming small pools and falls.
Jumping from rock to rock on a hot summer day will inevitably lead to falling in, but isn't that what the kids had in mind all along.
The playground will keep the kids busy and dry, until they find their way to the  pool or the creek.
Eventually many of the park visitors end up with at least their feet in the water.
There are several cabins available to rent for a very reasonable fee. This cabin has a great view of the creek.
This cabin is not directly on the creek but it has a great front porch.
From the playground and picnic area it is a short, but steep hike down to the creek.
A large flat rock is always a good place to take a rest on the way back up the hill.
The right rock in the right place is just what the doctor ordered.
Not needed when the sun is shining, but this shelter might come in handy during one of those summer showers.
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There is even a pool at Tohickon Valley Park.