Scenic Bucks County
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Thompson Neely House
Heading north on Route 32 the Thompson Neely House is on the right and the parking area is just beyond the barn.
View of the back of the house from the parking area.
There are several out buildings including this barn.
The Delaware Canal passes just behind the Thompson Neely House.
A short walk down the canal takes you to the soldier's graves.
The mill on Pidcock Creek is across the road.
Looking across Route 32 to the mill with Bowman's Hill Tower in the background.
There are tours available for both the Thompson Neely House and the Mill on Pidcock Creek.
Front view of Thompson Neely House.
Thompson Neely House in summertime.
View of the mill from the parking lot at Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve.
The Thompson Neely House is located on the the River Road (Route 32) across the road from the Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve and Bowman's Hill Tower. It is actually part of Washington Crossing State Park which is headquartered a few miles south on the River Road. Although there is some conflicting information it is believed the center portion of the house was built by Jonathan Pidcock in 1702 and then added on by later owner Robert Thompson and his son in law William Neely. The house gained historical significance as a hospital for sick and wounded soldiers under the command of Brigadier General Lord Sterling and Lt. James Monroe (later to become president of United States) just prior to George Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night to defeat the Hessians at the battle of Trenton.