The uniqueness of the River Road is also reflected in the homesteads along the way.
As the River Road continues north from Lumberville it reveals some outstanding Bucks County scenery.
Just beyond this curve the road follows close to the canal and the river on the right, and a steep hillside with waterfalls on the left, and then on to Point Pleasant.
The quaint village of Point Pleasant is another stopping off  point for the River Road traveler. You can get a cold beer and sandwich at Apple Jacks or do some shopping at Poor Richards. If you're looking for a river adventure, check out River Country, to arrange a tubing trip down the Delaware.
Point Peasant is located at the confluence of the Tohickon Creek and the Delaware River, it is also the turn off forRalph Stover State Park.
As enjoyable as it is just riding along the River Road, it is necessary to get wet to enjoy the full river experience.
As you travel north of Point Pleasant along the River Road you will pass several turn offs to the left, such as Smithtown Road, Dark Hollow Road and Stagecoach Road that offer wonderful scenery of Tinicum Township.
Seen here the River Road crosses Tinicum Creek as it spills into the Delaware River. Along with the bridge that carries automobile traffic across the creek, there is also another bridge that carries the water of the Delaware Canal across the creek. A short distance further the road crosses the canal. At this point there is the turn off for Sand Castle Winery and the Golden Pheasant Bed and Breakfast.
Proceeding on you will pass the turn off for Geigel Hill Road, this short side trip will take you to Erwinna Covered Bridge. Just beyond the turn off brings you to Tinicum County park.
The Stover's Mill Gallery is the next stop along the way.
Just before you come to the bridge at Uhlerstown, turn left on Uhlerstown Road to see the Uhlerstown Covered Bridge.
Along this section, the road runs close by the river on the right, but to the left there is an extensive flat plain that end abruptly at the bottom of a steep ridge.
Looking across to the Jeresy side
The bridge between Upper Black Eddy and Milford, New Jersey is the next bridge along the way.
This house on the River Road in Upper Black Eddy is sporting its Fourth of July decor. It's little pieces of Americana like this, spread all along the River Road that help make this such a beautiful ride.  
Heading from Upper Black Eddy toward Riegelsville there is a parking area giving access to the canal towpath and view of the cliffs.
Finally you reach the small town of Riegelsville, the last stop in Bucks County. The three span suspension is one of the most unique bridges on the Delaware.
Scenic Bucks County
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Along the Delaware River in Bucks County