After leaving New Hope, the River Road bends to the left and crosses over the Delaware Canal. It then passes the ramps for the Route 202 bypass, and a great sledding hill on the left.
A short distance further the road makes a hard lefthand turn past the Phillip's Mill Historic Site.
After you pass Phillip's Mill, the road follows close along the canal. Near the end of this section, before you approach Centre Bridge, there is a red bridge crossing the canal and leading to the parking area of a small, unmarked and undeveloped riverside park. There is no sign at the bridge, so it is easy to miss. Because of this, the park is relatively unknown, so if you are looking for a place to access the river without a swarm of humanity then this is the place.
Centre Bridge is the next town above New Hope and is a major stopping off point for the River Road traveler. This small town features two resturants, interesting Bucks County homes and a bridge to Stockton, New Jersey (another quaint river town). Dilly's Corner has soft ice cream and burgers, while the Centre Bridge Inn is a Bed and Breakfast with fine dining.
This picture, pulling out of Centre Bridge, is a typical scene along the River Road.
Next you come to the Cuttalossa Inn, ajacent to the Cuttalossa Quarry. The inn offers outdoor seating next to a water falls on Cuttalossa Creek. A short walk from the inn, up Cuttalossa Road, brings you to Cuttalossa Farm, one of the most photographed spots in Bucks County.
A short distance further is the peaceful hamlet of Lumberville.
The Virginia Forrest Recreation Area, is a great place to stretch the legs. Turn across the red bridge to the parking area; there are restroom facilities, picnic tables, views of the Delaware river and hiking along the Delaware Canal.
Continuing up the road
Stop in the Lumberville Store to get supplies, and meet the mayor, or if you want fine dining try the famous Black Bass Inn, seen in the background.
Heading from Cuttalossa toward Lumberville
Lumberville is well known for its suspension footbridge crossing the Delaware River, and by local artists expressing their talents on canvas.
Along the Delaware River in Bucks County
Scenic Bucks County
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Part 2
As the River Road continues north from New Hope, it takes on a different character. There is more slope to the land and it becomes more rural. In several sections, the road, the canal and the river run close together at the bottom of a steep hillside. Much of this area is covered with forests of large trees, rhododendron and rock formations that come down to the road's edge. Many streams and creeks flow down through the hills and cross under the River Road. These spots seem to be about ten degrees cooler in the summertime. Also along this northern section there are several small towns that have a character, charm and quaintness only found here along the Delaware River. These small river towns are steeped in local history and offer unique dining opportunities.