Route 32, known as the River Road, follows the Delaware River from Morrisville, in the south, to Riegelsville in the north, and then into Northampton County. This is a very scenic drive and there are many interesting stops along the way. Starting in Morrisville at the approach to the Calhoun Street Bridge, the River Road runs along the western bank of the Delaware River, which is not only the border of Bucks County, but also the border with New Jersey.
At this point the Delaware Canal runs close to the Delaware River with the River Road in between.
As the road approaches the small town of Yardley it passes under the notable Yardley railroad bridge.
As the River Road passes through Yardley, it meets the end of Afton Avenue, where this picture was taken, there was a bridge at this location but it was destroyed by a flood in 1955. There are two restaurants here, the Yardley Inn and Charcoal Steaks and Things, which has outdoor seating along the river.
Just a few miles up the road from Yardley you come to Washington Crossing State Park. It is in fact at this location that George Washington made his famous crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas Night 1776.
This famous painting is on display at the visitor's center.
There is a visitor's center and several historic buildings that can be toured. This is a great place to get out of the car, get some history, take a walk along the river, or throw a frisbee in the large picnic area across the street.
Then the road turns to the left before crossing over the canal. At this point the road leaves the river, but parallels it course heading towards New Hope. If you look closely, you can see the bottom of Bowman's Hill in the background.
As you leave Washington Crossing you'll pass the David Library of the American Revolution. This library has a wealth of information on American history concentrating on years from 1750 to 1800, much of it being on Microfilm. A short distance further you will pass the Marcella Cafe.
A few more miles brings you to Bowmans Hill Tower and the Thompson-Neely House, both part of Washington Crossing Park. The tower gives a spectacular view of the Bucks County countryside, and the Thompson-Neely House is rich with American history.  Also at this same location is Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preseve
There is a lot to see and do here, so give yourself some time, there is also a picnic area along the river.
Although it is not on the River Road, Van Sant Covered Bridge is close by, and worth the turn off. It crosses Pidcock Creek, the same creek that flows past the mill at Bowman's Hill. To find the bridge, turn left on Aquetong Road, just past the park, then bear left on Covered Bridge Road.
New Hope is a main attraction on the River Road and people flock from miles around to shop and/or just take in the sights here.
Fine Bucks County artisans and craftmen have always been the main influence in New Hope, however all types of food and spirits are ever present. And if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary then New Hope is the place to go.
Scenic Bucks County
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Along the Delaware River in Bucks County