The bridge across Tohickon Creek, connecting the two sections of the park is open on the top and is not a covered bridge. It is used for foot traffic only.
The picnic area is shaded, with picnic tables, pavilions, restrooms and drinking water.
Dappled sunshine floods through the trees; the playground area can be seen in the background.
The cool water of Tohickon Creek is a great place for the kids to go wading, but be careful when the water is high, because it does have a strong force.
View of the bridge from the parking area
The High Rock Vista portion of the park is across the creek and up the road, and to the right. It is a bit of a hike, but the view is well worth  it. Because the bridge is no longer open to automobile traffic, the only way to get there by car is to take a long round-about trip, and a good map will come in handy.
The trail along the top of the cliff leads to several spectacular over-looks.
The view from the High Rocks is one of the best in Bucks County, but it is difficult to do it justice in a picture. Seen here Tohickon Creek snakes its way through the valley below. At this point the creek makes a large S turn almost doubling back on itself before heading down through Tohickon Valley Park and then on to the Delaware River.
Even in this picture it is hard to get the full perspective of just how high the cliffs are.
Large boulders along the trail
The trail is quite steep along the way, but for the most part it is an easy hike.
Scenic Bucks County
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Ralph Stover State Park is located along Tohickon Creek on the border of Plumstead and Tinicum Townships. The original park was the site of an old mill owned by the Stover Family in Plumstead Township, but the High Rocks section in Tinicum Township was added at a later date when the land was donated by James Michener.