What a wonderful event, fun is had by young and old from morning to the grand finale of the fireworks. These pictures were taken from Community 2004 but they are typical of the friendy community spirit in Perkasie and the surrounding Pennridge area. There are many vendors selling balloons to funnel cakes, community organizations display their causes, and of course the local civil servants that work so hard to make our lives safer and more enjoyable are there to gain your needed support.   
Some folks brought their own food and had a picnic, others gave in to the delights for sale all over the park, and others just enjoyed walking through the crowd.
Because Lenape Park is on both sides of the Perkiomen Creek, the suspension bridge was packed all day. It was also a good place to watch the canoe races.
The older guys were heavy into the competition, but it looks like the girls had more fun.
And of course there were other rides to be had, some more exciting than others but all just as rewarding.
There was something for everybody, whether it was just relaxing and enjoying the crowd or maybe getting a tattoo. But don't worry mom they are just temporary tattoos.
A three legged race is fun to do, but it is just as much fun to watch.
The Quakertown Orchestra performed rousing renditions of many of our favorite songs
For the younger crowd there was a whole inflatable amusement park.
The crowd was thick but everbody had a good time.
For the folks that wanted to see all the festivities but would rather ride than walk, the BUCKS-MONT
2 Cylinder Club, gave rides around the park.
Just being there was a great way to spend a summer day
Then the sun went down and the people gathered for the fireworks.
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