Springtime is beautiful all over Bucks County and that is especially true in Perkasie when the flowering trees come into bloom and the tulips show their brilliant colors.
Scenic Bucks County
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South Perkasie Covered Bridge in Lenape Park with cherry trees in the background.
Bradford Pears line the streets of downtown Perkasie
Tulips are always a springtime favorite
The dogwoods are in their glory.
Along the Perkiomen Creek the forest floors turns a brilliant yellow.
The large shade trees in Lenape Park are just getting their new leaves while the cherry tree is in full bloom.
Azaleas and geese at the foot bridge over Perkiomen Creek
Bradford Pears look like they were hit with a snow storm.
Cherry trees show off their pink blossoms at the Perkasie Square Shopping Center.
More Bradford Pears line a residential street in Perkasie.