The Perkasie railroad tunnel is not a well known Perkasie landmark. It is not visible from any roads and requires a short walk to get to. The tunnel cuts through the ridge on the north side of town and under Ridge Road. The tunnel was necessary to connect Perkasie to Quakertown and the rest of the rail lines. At one point there were actually two tracks through the tunnel and it made for a very tight fit. There is a story of an engeneer who was decapitated by putting his head out of the train before the train left the tunnel.
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The tunnel is located near the corner of 9th Street and Vine Street. Although there is no chance of being run down by a high speed train the tunnel could still be considered a dangerous place so care should be taken if anyone decides to go exploring. Also be respectful of the neighbors and businesses that are close by.
The tunnel does have a slight bend so the other end is not visible when approaching it. This adds a level of spookiness.
In winter icicles add to the danger of things falling from the ceiling of the tunnel.
When asked about the railroad tunnel in Perkasie many locals think of this tunnel because it is visible and easily accessed form 7th Street. This tunnel is actually under the railroad tracks.
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This picture of the Perkasie Railroad Tunnel in the early 1900's came from the book "Perkasie" by Ivan Jurin.