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Even with all its modern hometown charm Perkasie is still steeped in local history. On this page we will take a look back into Perkasie's past and compare it to today's more modern look. Unfortunately many of Perkasie's older historic buildings were lost in the devastating fire of 1988 so they are not included on this page but they can be seen in the book by Ivan Jurin "Perkasie". All of the historic pictures on this page came from that same book, and it has so much more. It can be purchased at the online bookstores such as Arcadia Publishing and Or it can be purchased locally at Treasure Trove Antiques, Arch St. Deli, Kuhns Corner Books and Countryside Cards and Gifts. You can also get the book by calling Ivan himself at: (215) 249 9187 or email him at: Our many thanks go out to Ivan Jurin for making this possible.
Map of Historic Perkasie
Perkasie Railroad Tunnel
Fifth Street
Perkasie Railroad Tunnel
Saint Andrew's Union Church, South Perkasie
Vine Street looking north from Fifth Street
South Perkasie Mill (cover of the book)
Sixth Street between Walnut and Chestnut
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