Situated in the rolling hills and farmland just north of Doylestown and Chalfont, Peace Valley Park is close by, yet has a real country feel. The park is focused around Lake Galena, which was formed when a dam was placed in the north branch of the Neshaminy Creek. There is a lot to see and do in Peace Valley Park, and the nature center at the north end of the park  is an excellent place to view the local wildlife.
The entire north end of the park is a nature preserve. There is a nature center, with a gift shop, and lots of trails that lead through woods, fields, and along the lake. Much of this section however, is off limits to people, giving the wildlife a place to live without our interference. 
There is a bridge across the north end of the lake at the nature center, where these pictures were taken.
Turtles working on their tan and a great blue heron looking for lunch.
Take your time when walking the trails, there are several dozen species of birds living in the park.
356 acre Lake Galena is one of the major attractions here at Peace Valley Park.
Boat rentals are available at the park.
If you ever wanted to sail, but didn't know how, this is a great place to learn. The lake is calm and you're never far from land.
Maybe the extent of the water activities is just throwing a few pebbles in the lake, as this young family enjoys the simple pleasures.
However, the older park goers may want to throw, or catch, something a little more sporting. This frisbee player is moving in for the perfect catch.
Of course fishing is always popular in the park.
Miles of paved bike trails make for great riding through the park.
The fall is also a great time to visit Peace Valley Park when the air is crisp and clean, and the crowds have disappeared.
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