The pictures in this section were sent to us from the personal photo archives of many Morrisville residents.
Do you have any pictures taken in Morrisville that you would like to share with our viewers? Of course historic pictures of Morrisville are especially appreciated, but it could be a modern picture of a Morrisville group function.
Here are just a few other ideas:
The Old High School, The Old High School burning down, the Morrisville Train Station, the 1955 Little League World Champions, a Morrisville football game, a Memorial Day parade, the Olympic torch going through town, a fish being caught in the canal, or any canal picture, Howell's Feed Mill, Tattersalls Coal Yard, the Rubber Mill, Morrisville Fire Company, Morrisville class picture, Labor Day at the Island, dedication of the Robert Morris Statue, Summerseat, and the possibilities go on and on. So the next time you're cleaning out that closet with the box of old pictures, get it out and see if there might be a picture you would like to share with us. The picture to the right was taken at the Morrisville Train Station in 1949.    
Keep those photos coming. They can be emailed to