These pictures of Morrisville floods were sent in by long time Morrisville resident  Bruce Brilla. Now I know Bruce didn't take these pictures cause he's not that old, and I think he got them from Ron Stockham. Without any notes from the photographers made it interesting. I looked at these pictures for a long time and think I know where most of them were taken, but there are a couple of mystery pictures. If anybody has any comments on any of these pictures please let us know. Most of all however, I would like to say thanks to Bruce and especially to Ron for the use of these wonderful pictures. I'm sure all Morrisville residents will enjoy looking at these pictures, but especially those folks living on the Island or Delmorr Avenue. Thanks again Bruce, these are great pictures.       
This first group of pictures were taken during the flood of 1936. The picture below was taken looking south on Delmorr Avenue from near the old filtration plant by the Calhoun Street bridge. Maple Street would be to the right just past the second house. Also note there is no dike.
The picture to the left shows the filtration plant on Delmorr Avenue. Note the fire engine at the right, this would be near were the above was taken.
With the railroad bridge in the background this picture is obviously South Delmorr Avenue.
The fellows in this boat are in about the present location of the Morrisville pool parking lot. Look closely at the house in the center of the picture. It is the last house on Park Avenue, note the garage to the left. Now look at the picture below.
This is indeed the house seen above, but the garage is just a pile of rubble. The Trenton Makes bridge in the background helps identify the location. This house is still standing today.  
Left: The three houses on the right, two with Dutch style roofs  (further back) are on Delmorr Avenue. These houses are there today but they are shaded by large trees. They are the only houses on the river side of Delmorr Avenue. The Morrisville pool would be to the right. The houses on the left are on the short section of Franklin Street between the canal and Delmorr Avenue. Not sure if the bottom picture is Delmorr or park Avenue.
I believe these men are making repairs on Central Avenue, on the Island. The houses in the background at the left appear to be on top of the hill on Delmorr Avenue. But this is inconclusive. 
This picture to the left is another mystery. At first glance it was thought to be the end of Park Avenue, but the house doesn't match the one above and there appears to be part of the dike, and we know the dike wasn't there in 1936. Also the brown hue of the photograph makes it appear to be older than the above pictures. In the background at the left side of the picture the twin church steeples in Trenton would seem to place this picture on the Island. Again, does anyone have any ideas.

The last three pictures were taken of a flood in 1904. These pictures are especially interesting because they are over a hundred years old.. The picture to the right was taken at the present day location of the entrance to the Morrisville pool parking lot. Note the horse and buggy at the end of Hillside Avenue coming out onto Delmorr Avenue. This is close to the location of the picture taken of the men in the row boat above, but thirty two years earlier.
We think this picture was taken on Central Avenue, but any help is appreciated.
This last picture is of the Calhoun Street bridge.

Again, many thanks to Bruce Brilla for sharing these great pictures with us.

If anyone has any additional comments to make on any of these pictures please email me at:
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