The Delaware Canal was built in the 1830s and runs from Easton in the north to Bristol in the south, and goes right through Morrisville on the way. The canal was a vital link between the Lehigh Valley and the tidal waters of lower Bucks County. Coal was a major commodity along the canal and was delivered by mule drawn barges. Now many years later, the mule drawn barges are gone, but the canal is still here, and to anyone growing up in Morrisville the canal is like a strange family member.   
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At the south end of Morrisville, the Delaware Canal has two railroad crossings as it heads toward Falls Township and then on to Bristol. This picture was taken just south of the Route 1 bridge. The famed Springhouse is across the canal to the right.
Turning around and heading back into Morrisville, the Route 1 overpass can be seen, at left. This stretch of the canal is not as popular as the northern sections, and that is just the way these Morrisville kids like it. 
The view at left is from under the Route 1 bridge, looking up the canal to the bridge on Bridge Street. The Holiday Inn (not seen) is to the right, this is of course the site of the old Vulcanized Rubber Mill.
The picture to the left was taken from the bridge on Bridge Street, seen in the picture above. The Route 1 bridge is now in the background. The pond to the left of the canal is the remains of the old mill pond behind the rubber mill (now a Holiday Inn). 
A short distance further the canal passes under the bridge on Pennsylvania Avenue. If you look closely you can see the "Red Bridge", at the end of Palmer Street, in the background.
As in the picture above, the "Red Bridge" is in the background, but this picture was taken from the hill on Union Street at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue. McGarity's Bindery is the building at the right.
Finally getting to the Red Bridge at the end of Palmer Street. For years this bridge has been carrying the youth of Morrisville to and from the Morrisville pool and Williamson park.
Looking up the canal from the red bridge.
Looking back at the red bridge.
This cyclist just past the spill gate seen in the picture below and is approaching the vantage point of the picture seen above.
The spill gate near the end of Maple Street was the source of the water that flooded the "Island" in April 2005. Also can be seen is the Trenton Avenue bridge leading to the Calhoun Street bridge that crosses the Delaware River.  
The Delaware Canal passes under Trenton Avenue and heads into Lower Makefield.
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