Lower Makefield is home to the Five Mile Woods, an environmentally unique nature area marked by the geological transition from the Piedmont Plateau to the Atlantic Coastal Plain.  You don't have to understand that to enjoy the miles of undisturbed woodland trails through several different natural habits.
A quiet stroll through the sun-dappled Eastern hardwood forest portion of the Five Mile Woods is a peaceful escape from the work-a-day world, and yes, you may find yourself this close to the native wildlife along the trails.
The Delaware Canal passes through Lower Makefield and provides year-around scenic serenity.
Like with the Five Mile Woods, a long walk along the Canal is refreshing anytime, but is especially pleasant on a warm summer morning.
Lower Makefield's newly opened golf course is open to the public, as is the pro shop and restaurant.
Lower Makefield's economy was mostly agricultural until WWII.  Since then, most farms have been lost to residential growth, but a few beautiful, typical Bucks County farms continue.  Here, the corn at the Palmer Farm will soon be "...  as high as an elephant's eye."
The farms and the 'burbs are next door neighbors in Lower Makefield.
Lower Makefield has many types of organized sports for boys and girls (and men and women) of all ages.  Macclesfield Park is just one of several sports field complexes in the township.
The award-winning, all-volunteer Yardley-Makefield Fire Company serves Lower Makefield Township and Yardley Borough from this station and another one in Yardley.
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