In early April 2005 a large amount of rain fell in the areas draining into the Delaware River. Along with snow melt, and questions of run-off and water management, the Delaware River over flowed its banks on April 4 & 5, 2005. For the most part Morrisville was spared. However there was significant flooding and damage to homes on the "Island" and South Delmorr Avenue. Seen below the Delaware River flexing its muscle.  
Further upstream the Delaware River flooded over into the canal. The water then flowed down the canal into Morrisville where it overtook the spillgate near the end of Maple Avenue.
The water had nowhere to go except across Delmorr Avenue and on to the "Island".
The water came across the playgrounds, ball fields and swimming pool heading for the homes on Park Avenue and Central Avenue.
The river kept rising and local residents Al Woolf, Tony Trofe, Mark Widman, and Harry Krier wondered just how high it will get.
From the end of Park Avenue
Further downstream where there is no protection from the dike, the river flooded over South Delmorr Avenue.
This historic Morrisville home is threatened as the Delaware River floods across Delmorr Avenue.
Seen in this aerial photo the water hadn't yet reached its peak.
The next day the river was residing but this water had nowhere to go.
Park Avenue, seen from the dike
Borough workers Joe Cavanaugh and Ron Scheese pump the water over the dike back into the river.
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