Scenic Bucks County
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Nothing says autumn in Bucks County like a field full of pumpkins.
Area residence decorate their homes for the enjoyment of all.
The first trees start to change color in the beginning of October.
In the middle of October the maples and oaks are in their glory.  
Just take a ride through the Bucks County countryside any day in October and you're sure to find some beautiful scenery. 
Even a gray day in autumn has a beauty of its own, as these geese head toward Lake Noxamixon.
The colors are everywhere you look.
Fall colors along a fence line
Red berries, a red barn, an orange tree and a blue sky make a beautiful picture.
The corn silos are full and the hay is rolled, getting ready for winter.
All the leaves are off the trees, but there are still a few warm days of Indian summer before winter sets in.
Fall is a beautiful time of the year in Bucks County. The hills and valleys, and fields and meadows are transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors. Some folks drive to New England to see the fall foliage, but there is no need to leave Bucks County. If you're looking for fall colors in autumn just take a ride though Bucks County any weekend in October; you won't be disappointed.