The dike is a Morrisville landmark and a great place to take a walk. Extending from the "Trenton Makes" bridge to the Calhoun Street bridge, the dike gives commanding views of the "Falls of the Delaware" and the capitol complex in Trenton.   
This scene shows Park Avenue on the left, the capitol building on the right, and the Calhoun Street bridge in the background.
Right around noon time the dike has a flurry of activity as the state workers from New Jersey use it to get a little exercise and some fresh air. But probably the guy with no shirt and a fishing pole is having more fun.
These two pictures were taken from the same spot at the end of Maple Street.
"Trenton Makes" bridge from the end of Park Avenue
Calhoun Street bridge
Many people walk along the top of the dike everyday, but few people venture to the bottom. But there are always new perspective to be had, so don't be afraid to climb down and have a look from there.
The best thing about taking a walk on the dike is you never know who you might run into. Mary Cushing, now Mary White, grew up on the "Island". 
Different perspective, different time of year
The dike is a cool thing; go take a walk on it.
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