Front yard at Pennsbury Manor
Not necessarily a thing of beauty, but the picture of this barge heading down the river in Falls Township shows the more awesome side of the Delaware River.
Low tide at Falls Township Park
This is the same beach as above but looking from the other direction, and a couple of months later.
Pebbles on the beach at Neshaminy State Park
Sandy beach at Neshaminy State Park
Remains of an old dock in Bristol; PA Turnpike bridge in background
Bristol was a major port along the Delaware in years gone by.
An old boat launching railroad is exposed at low tide.
Deserted Cove in Bensalem Township
Neshaminy State Park, Bristol Township
Scenic Bucks County
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The Delaware River rises up in New York State and flows south marking the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As it passes Morrisville, PA in lower Bucks County it tumbles across the Falls of the Delaware. This is the boundary of the upland Piedmont Plateau and the lower land coastal plain. From this point on the Delaware is actually tide water of the Atlantic Ocean, and a tide change of eight feet is not uncommon. All these pictures are of the Delaware River as it flows past southern Bucks County, below the tide line. The Atlantic tide pushes up the river to Morrisville where it meets the Piedmont Plateau at the "Falls of the Delaware".