Visitor Center
All the trails are well marked, and lots of information is available on the flora and fauna.
Bowman's Hill Tower is one of the most recognized landmarks on the River Road. Marking the spot where the Continental Army kept watch on the Delaware River. The tower gives a commanding view of the Bucks County and New Jersey countrysides. Although there is a small fee to ride the elevator to the top, the fee also includes a tour of the Thompson Neely House across the street in Washington Crossing Park. This is actually a different park than the wildflower preserve.
This view from the tower is looking across the picnic area,  and up the Delaware River toward New Hope.
One of the many trails through the park.
While it is easy to navigate the trails that are laid out here, it is
never a bad idea to pack an emergency kit since you will be in the woods.
Pidcock Creek runs through the park along the base of the hill. The stream was used to power the mill located a little further downstream. A tour of the mill is included with the tour of the Thompsom Neely House in Washington Crossing State Park.  A little further up stream, out of the park, Pidcock Creek flows under Van Sant Covered Bridge.

The picnic pavilion is a great place to eat lunch when visiting the park.
This trail runs along Pidcock Creek.
The dam was used to divert water into the millrace that runs along the trail leading to the mill.
These steps make make easy work of the steep slope.
The mill and the tower are not actually part of the wild flower preserve but are shown here because they are all located together on the River Road.
Scenic Bucks County
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The Thompson Neely House in Washington Crossing State Park is across the street from the Wildflower Preserve.
Whether a cool day in summer, or a warm day in autumn, Bowmans Hill Wild Flower Preserve is a great place to take a walk and enjoy a little piece of nature. At the base of Bowman's Hill Tower, along Route 32 (the River Road),  just south of New Hope, the preserve is adjacent to Washington Crossing State Park at the Thompson Neely House.  As you come into the park you will pass a picnic pavilion and restrooms, then you must pass through a gate to get into the preserve itself. The entire preserve is fenced, to keep the deer out.