Scenic Bucks County
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Lumber was milled on this up and down saw.
Just up stream from the dam, the mill race captures the water used to run the mill.
This dam on Tohickon Creek creates the energy potential to run the mill.
Although the mill did operate into the twentieth century, it was destined to become just a piece of Bucks County history. 
Following the road past the mill it is a short walk to Cabin Run Covered Bridge.
Cabin Run Covered Bridge, to see more Bucks County covered bridges Click Here
Stover-Myers  Mill in Bucks County is a great place to  have a picnic and take some pictures. Just a short distance past Cabin Run Covered Bridge, on Covered Bridge Rd. the historic mill sits along side Tohickon Creek. The creek provided the power to run the mill in its early days and the mill  dam still remains today.