Spread across the hills and valleys, small family owned farms adorn the Bucks County countryside. Some of these farms are doing well while others are just hanging on. The fate of these farms is in the wind as the farmers cope with pressures of an expanding population. We do hope they hang on, because a picture of a big red barn is always a thing of beauty. These pictures are a random look at Bucks County barns, some are new, some are old, some are wood, some are stone but they are all part of the Bucks County landscape.
Red barn in Bedminster Township
Brown barn in Tinicum Township
This unique stone barn is hidden down a dirt road in Nockamixon Township
A touch of Amish in upper Bucks County
Some barns stand out and can't be missed
Some barns take a little more effort to find
As the saying goes... "If walls could talk". Like the horses that once lived here, this old barn has been put out to pasture. And like the horses out to pasture this old barn is part of Bucks County. Some day in the future there will be a beautiful new house here, and scenes like this, that spark the imagination will be gone forever.
Good old rural America
To get this picture all you have to do is roll down the window.
Working farm in upper Bucks
Late Autumn in Hilltown Township
Beautiful September day
Scenic Bucks County
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