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The Actors' NET of Bucks County is a small nonprofit regional theatre in Morrisville, PA that performs plays from Shakespeare to the Marx Brothers. The actors are locals, and their talents range from just beginning, to ready for the big time.
The Actors' Net perform their plays at the "Heritage Center". The theatre is a converted municipal building, located on Delmorr Avenue, at the foot of the Calhoun Street bridge.
The Actors' NET of Bucks County is the brain child of actor, director and playwright Joe Doyle and his wife Cheryl. Together they worked with the Morrisville Borough to turn an old municipal garage into this wonderfully intimate theatre. Joe and Cheryl are grassroot theater people, doing everything from teaching acting classes, to mending costumes, to running the theater.
But the main stay of the work is presented at the Heritage Center. The theater holds about eighty people, so there are no bad seats. On the night these pictures were taken, the group was performing their final dress rehearsal of the Thornton Wilder play "Our Town". This play is performed with minimal stage effects and relies more heavily on characters development, and less on stage props.  
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Seen in the above picture, Joe Doyle is playing John Adams in the play "Jefferson and Adams", the story of the friendship and rivalry  between these two historical figures. Continuing with the historical theme, Joe went on to write the play, "The Man Who Bought a County", the story of Robert Morris. The play was performed outdoors on the stage at Williamson Park (the "Island"), throughout the summer of 2004. This was done in conjunction with Morrisville's bicentennial celebrations. If you missed the play the first time, Joe says they plan to run it again in the summer of 2005.  
The entire right wall of the theatre is covered with pictures of past plays and performances. You might not have known there is a whole world of performing arts right here in Morrisville. If you haven't seen a play there yet, well do yourself a favor and take advantage of this great opportunity. It's real live entertainment performed by real live actors, and best of all, it's right here in Morrisville.  
And yes, the actors definitely take it seriously.
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David Swartz played the very likeable stage manager/narrator in the Thornton Wilder play, "Our Town". The setting is a small New England town in the early 1900s, but it might just as well been Morrisville. The play relies heavily on character development and less on stage props; the cast pulled it off wonderfully as all the characters came to life in Grover's Corner, New Hampshire, taking the audience with them.  
Our Town
Next time you're looking for something to do on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night, consider going to a play at the Heritage Center on Delmorr Avenue, not only will you gain class and culture, but it's just downright enjoyable.  
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